April Single Family/Patio Homes sales were up 4%, the median price is up to $305,000, and the average sales price is up to $348,527. Compared to just two years ago (2016 $274,891) the average price is up an incredible 27%. The median price is up 23% during this same period. These statistics are astonishing since only 18 more homes sold in April 2018 (1,286) vs April 2016 (1,268). Current home sales are up 3% vs last year, and the days on market continue to sit under 30 days. April housing inventories dropped by 3% which is one of several contributing factors impacting supply and demand which is driving home prices upward. The Tri-Lakes area is enjoying solid numbers driven by the new construction in the Forest Lakes subdivision which helped this area increase its average sales price by over $68k and overall volume by nearly $13m. We experienced fewer home sales under $300k because of low inventory numbers for homes in this price range. There were significant increases in sales for homes in the $300’s (+18), the $500’s (+17) and the $600’s (+17) price range. Check out the Housing Stats page for more detailed information.