The June 2018 housing market in the Pikes Peak region was as expected. The Median Sales Price was $320,900 which is up by $5,900 and the Average Sales Price was $359,429 which is up by $6,224. The number of homes sold increased against the previous month by 137 homes which is just under a 10% increase. The average days on market was down 3 days vs May and down by 8 days vs LY. There were six fewer homes sold this June vs LY, but there was also 226 fewer homes listed in June vs LY even though there were 66 more homes sold vs. LY. These numbers are interesting because they are consistent to what we have seen the past three years where there are relatively more homes listed and sold early in the spring compared to later in the summer. This trend has held true for the last three years. This does not mean more homes are being sold in the spring than summer, it means that more homes are being sold earlier in the season compared to previous years. This trend is supported by this stat: The Total Homes Under Contract (U/C) in June 2017 was 2,486 compared to 2,822 in 2017 and 2,918 in 2016,  yet currently our 2018's YTD Sales are 7,704 vs 7638 (2017), 7,306 (2016), 6,284 (2015) and 5,236 (2014).