I wanted to congratulate my good friend, Corey Council, for opening a Food Truck here in Colorado Springs. His business is called Kabob KabooseHe told me he's "So Excited to be living out my dream!" and so are we. Make sure you follow him on Instagram as well as on Facebook and Twitter. He will be all over the city offering his famous Kabobs. Until now, these "meatifull" wonders have been selfishly enjoyed by only his good friends. Now these Kabobs will be made available to all of Colorado Springs. You just need to make sure you follow him so you know where to find him and these delicious wonders. I'm looking forward to eating these whenever I want, and not just on special days! Corey, we here at Inside Edge Real Estate want to wish you lots of success with your new business venture and thank you for sharing your savory masterpieces with all of Colorado Springs! #BestFoodTruck @Kabobkaboose