Summary: November 2017 brought Colorado Springs (El Paso County) another outstanding month in home sales with an increase of 7% over this same time last year and an incredible 25% increase against November 2016. Even though there were drops in sales by units and dollars across the board we still experienced positive LY gains and even a slight increase in the Average Sales Price. The Black Forest and Tri-Lakes areas saw in increase in average sales price of $33,441 and $19,169, respectively. Tri-Lakes jumped into the "Top 5 Sales in Avg Price" coming in strong at number 2 just behind Black Forest. Tri-Lakes can attribute this jump to a sales increase in the $600K - $799K price range where 12 of the 45 total homes sold in this price range were in the Tri-Lakes area. Tri-Lakes also enjoyed a spot in the "Top 5 Sales in Dollars" for the first time in quite a while. It landed at number 5 knocking out the Southwest area out of the top five. 

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