Rudy’s Little Hide Away is a Mexican restaurant tucked away on a west-facing hillside along 8th street just behind the city’s car dealership epicenter. They opened its doors in 1994, so chances are if you have lived in Colorado Springs over ten years you probably have heard about this place. If you have not been, then I highly recommend you visit for some of Colorado Springs’ best Mexican Food. Southwest Colorado Springs locals have been trying to keep this restaurant their secret for quite some time, but it’s their secret no more. They must come to grips that they must now share their restaurant with the rest of the city. The restaurant has an outdoor patio sitting area with mountain views, plenty of seating indoors, as well as a well-stocked bar. Their website boasts that they serve Zacatecas’ Mexican as well as Tex-Mex cuisine. I have been there several times for breakfast and for dinner and every time I leave satisfied that I was served good food with better service. The atmosphere resembles a true western cantina, and their menu provides you with plenty of dishes to choose from including some all-time favorites. I have a personal rule that if a Mexican restaurant serves ground beef in their burritos and tacos then they must be disqualified from being considered among the best Mexican restaurants. I broke my own rule with this one because the other dishes they serve are amazing. If you are a fan of ground beef, then you will enjoy their selection. They are well-known for their green chili. In fact, you can order just about everything on their menu topped with green chili.  I enjoy the huevos rancheros, chorizo scrambled, carne asada plate, mixed fajitas, chile rellenos, chicken enchiladas, and I can go on forever, but there is not enough room here. By the way, their drinks are always cold and taste a lot better in the summer when the sun sits on top of the mountains!